Golden Axe Genesis


The origin of the legendary Golden Axe


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Golden Axe Genesis is an action game created by fans of the Golden Axe franchise. It takes many elements from other games in the franchise and uses them to tell a story exploring the origins of the Golden Axe saga.

Players can choose from several different game modes, among which are the obligatory story mode, which can be played alone or with up to four players, and a dual mode, where you can take on other human players on the same computer.

Genesis Golden Axe has a large cast of characters, among which are all the characters from the other installments in the series, plus some additional ones such as Death Adder. Each of these characters, of course, has their own special skills and attributes.

The dwarf, for example, hits far stronger than the Amazon. However, as everyone knows, the magic of the Amazon's silver dragon is far more powerful than the magic of the dwarf.

Golden Axe Genesis is an entertaining traditional action game. It uses many traditional elements from the series to provide a whole new game with lots of interesting new possibilities, like the ability to play the story mode along with four people.
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